Will start on Monday 20 July, the activities of the’Team Campania, summer retreat for football players designed by the person Responsible for the AIC in the Campania region, Antonio Found (in the photo). The start is, as is well known, with a first stage characterized by a preritiro free, the closing of which is scheduled for Friday, July 31. A news, as explained by the same Found, studied in virtue of the moment of difficulty experienced by soccer players, amateurs because of the emergency Covid-19. A choice, however, from the ethical value of symbolic and impressive. Two of the structures, in which will converge in the works: the “Our” of Mugnano (NA) and the “Novi” of Angri (SA), under the auspices of two pairs of professionals. In Mugnano, in fact, will be Prof. Franco Esposito to treat the athletic training of the boys, with the coach of the goalkeepers, the former Savoy, Casoria and San Giorgio, Marco Borzillo, with Gennaro Of the Court that for the fifth consecutive year, will be in charge of the goalkeepers. Angri, will work with the group of Prof. Antonio bartiromo’s hairstyles in partnership with the goalkeeping coach, Enzo Barbato. Only and exclusively for the period of the preritiro, the work of the Team Campania, they will observe the following calendar, appointment to the field to 18 hours : Monday, Wednesday and Friday at the “Our”, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at the “Novi”.