Is spent the second night in the icu for Alex Zanardi at the Policlinico Le Scotte of Siena, where the athlete’s paralympic was hospitalized after the incident with the handbike that has seen him involved in the afternoon of 19 June. The conditions of Zanardi, while still serious, are stationary: Zanardi is still in a coma, and is mechanically ventilated. The monitoring of clinical parameters of Zanardi, submitted on Friday evening, a delicate surgery neurological and maxillo-facial surgery, is constant. It waits for a new medical bulletin around noon.

According to what was declared by the doctors that the care, Zanardi is not in danger of life, although, in its current condition, may experience worsening sudden. The severe neurological damage suffered by the athlete in the paralympic are not currently quantifiable: in order to understand more, you need to wait for the moment when it will be stopped the sedation, as has explained yesterday the head of the department of intensive care, Policlinico Le Scotte, Sabino Scolletta: “it Requires only minimal pharmacological support, and then in the next few days, we may evaluate whether to suspend the sedation and wake him up”. Zanardi, however, has fortunately not suffered injuries to the abdomen and chest.

Emerge in the meantime, other details on the clinical picture of Zanardi: ex-Formula 1 pilot has reported a trauma of the skull and facial important, with a crash to the face, but also of injury to the eyes. “We have asked for advice from ophthalmologists. The trauma is also facial, and, therefore, it is likely that there may be lesions in the visual field. However, it will be possible to evaluate it in a few days. Difficult to be able to say it now,” he explained Scolletta to the Republic. In any case, the severity of the neurological Zanardi can only be understood in the next week, when its conditions allow you to suspend the sedation.