Today the Deals of Christmas Amazon are mostly dedicated to gaming peripherals and Thrust, from a mouse which has system of adjustment of weight to get to the chairs, ergonomic Rayon. In the middle, instead, two pieces from the nineties of the audio of the company. To open the games, however, we think the iPhone XS, Max, with the model 512GB made interesting by a series of price losses in a row.

Amazon has activated some bonuses that offer interesting advantages, some of which related to the period of christmas shopping. Amazon Prime, also available in free trial and discount of 11 euro for the new members, is one of these, and also guarantees the use of the First Video, the streaming service in the growth of Amazon. The first Student, instead, that gives access to Amazon Prime for 90 days, thanks to the sponsorship of Microsoft Surface. It also includes a discount on the annual subscription to the service, which goes from 36 to 18 euro for a maximum of 4 years or until graduation. In addition, Amazon has extended until January 31, 2020, the possibility of the return of the product purchased from 1 November to 31 December is included, and who has never purchased on the platform can enjoy free shipping on your first order.

  • Apple iPhone XS Max – Smartphone with OLED display HDR 6.5-inch and chipset A12 Bionic
    1.005,59 €
    The iPhone XS Max 512GB is still a maximum weight of the offer Apple, thanks to the OLED screen 456 pixels per inch which provides an image of the large and extremely definitive.
  • Trust GXT 165 Celox – gaming Mouse RGB with 8 programmable buttons, adjustable weight and sensor 10000 DPI
    € 34,99
    Already in the discount by a few days, the mouse Trust GTX 165 Celox is inspired by a few mouse of cry to ensure a discreet comfort to match your macros, adjusting the weight with four removable disks, macro and RGB.
  • Trust GXT 444 Wayman – circumaural gaming Headset for PS4, Xbox One, PC, Laptop, and Nintendo Switch
    € 77,99
    22 euro discount on a pair of headphones that look to the mid to high-end and adopt a design halfway between a gaming and professional audio.
  • Trust GXT 698 Torro – Speaker Set Dolby Digital 5.1 RGB 180W for PC, PS4 and Xbox One
    € 179,99
    The centerpiece of the system Torro, in the discount of 40 euro, is the subwoofer, fairly powerful, and equipped with RGB lighting.
  • Trust GXT 705P Rayon – Chair game play ergonomic
    € 119,99
    No frills but sturdy and rather comfortable, chair gaming Trust GXT 705P Rayon, in the version in pink and black, has a small additional discount of 4 € on the price already lowered by about 20 euro.