Also the Sega Megadrive Mini among the Offerings of Christmas 2019 to Amazon. For those not familiar it is a mini console modeled on the forms of the Sega Megadrive, with forty games of the historical console in the 16-bit pre-installed.

Fans of retro gaming, cannot miss this opportunity. Even those who just want to relive the moments of their childhood in which they were really happy and should make us a little thought.

In the package of the Sega Megadrive Mini are two controllers, a USB cable, and an HDMI cable, in addition to the console, that is. In our review of the Sega Megadrive Mini Francesco Serino has defined it:
An object of undeniable charisma, as beautiful as action figures and pretty damn interesting as a time machine. The emulation is almost perfect, both to show the same shots and slowdowns of the original versions of certain titles, such as, for example, Strider. The only fault is a slight delay in the audio, but this is a feature that very few will be able to notice. Along with the mini Nintendo, improves the operation of nostalgia in recent years.

Sega Megadrive Mini – 59€