Apple has asked LG Display to provide urgent new LCD panels for iPad as a result of a strong increase of orders in Asia.

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According to Business Korea, the pandemic of COVID-19 and the subsequent lockdown have led to a greater demand for tablets, PC and monitor to the laptop, so as to restrict the availability of LCD panels. For this reason, Apple would have asked for an urgent intervention of LG Display for the production of LCD panels that will be used to assemble the iPad is increasingly in demand in the world, and especially in Asia.

It is expected that the LG is able to increase the production already in June, bringing to the maximum the productive force of its plants. The lack of iPad in Asia is mainly due to the fact that many schools have purchased the Apple tablet to help the students who follow the lessons from home.

Apple’s request is unusual, since usually the suppliers receive a notice of at least three months so that they can prepare, and obtain the raw materials. LG Display will have to make an effort not just to please Apple, not to lose the orders that Apple may move to other companies such as BOE or Sharp.