Among the oddities of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is checked also a sort of chair of the assassin, able to delete the players with a surprising ease, and entering right between the objects of discussion and streaming of the community of players.

Perhaps a subtle metaphor about the risks of sedentary lifestyle, or the fact that hurts the most the office work that the submachine gun, there is inside of the map St. Petrograd a typical swivel chair as many that has the ability to eliminate with extreme ease even the soldiers who are more trained.

In essence, someone discovered that it was possible to hit the chairs of office in the map in question and move them around the room, but it is also found that the contact between the chair movement and a player causes the instant death of the latter, making this item of furniture one of the most lethal weapons in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

Apparently, the experiment can be made in any multiplayer mode and the result is always the same: instant death from a chair rotating, therefore we expect that the question has become rather popular in the Call of Duty community: Modern Warfare, except for the obvious accommodation on the part of Infinity Ward, with a few patches appropriate to reduce the risk of death by office supplies.