Judging by the number of easily add emoji used in mess in his publication, commensurate with the size of his belly, Camilla Luddington, pregnant with her second child, was anxious to arrive at the end of her pregnancy… and it will not be long !

“Woohoo, the interminable third quarter !”, thus exclaimed Sunday, 13 July 2020 on Instagram, the star of Grey’s Anatomy in offering its subscribers an eloquent picture of his, of anatomy, during a swim in a pool, in a bikini and wearing a fedora (it has the class or not !).

If it is not a serial posteuse on the social network for sharing images, the interpreter of Jo Wilson has occasionally documented the evolution of her pregnancy, since she made the announcement in the mode of Disneyland in the month of march last. “Me : I’m going to announce my pregnancy so super basic. Me again : I NEED to find the PRINCESSES,” she wrote, revealing her baby bump to the side of… Cinderella. Already the mother of a small daughter, Hayden, born in 2017 of his romance with Matthew Alan, also an actor, whom she married in 2019., the actress, 36-year-old then continued : “Good, so… Matt and I are really happy to be able to post after months of hiding that I am pregnant (…) And : yes, I’ve been absent from social networks these past few months because of – OH MY GOD – the fatigue and morning sickness.”

Since then, between posts engaged (for the movement Black Lives Matter, or wearing a mask in the fight against the pandemic), autopromo of his artistic activities or philanthropic and moments, WTF, Camilla Luddington has been chronically a few confidences in the same vein about her pregnancy, in time of war against the coronavirus, illustrated by images of its silhouette rounded : “Tired : check. Wear a human being : check. Chasing after another human being : check. Find recipes for pastry for at the end of the account not to make any : check. Have a bun 72726 days : check. Keep his anxiety under control as best as possible : check”, listed it, for example, in the containment, in a publication dated 10 April. Before unveiling two weeks later another possible activity : pass of the mower.

Soon the issue, for Dr. Jo Wilson (wife Karev), whose fans are waiting for their next adventures to the screen, after the premature end of the season, 16 of Grey’s Anatomy at the end of 21 episodes, on 25…