ASUS has undoubtedly been one of the stars of CES 2020, at least in the field of PC hardware. Like other companies, has unveiled a new laptop based on the AMD Ryzen 4000 mobile, using it with the first laptop 14-inch equipped with a GeForce GPU RTX, but has concentrated the spotlight with the first monitor from 360Hz, of course, designed for those who play titles light and want the best possible responsiveness. But there was also room for the quality of the image with two panels 4K 144Hz, a technology Display Stream Compression and the other with the new G-Sync Ultimate.

Asus Rog Swift 360

Refresh high and extreme brightness

To make the most noise in the lineup ASUS has been, without a doubt, the ROG Swift 360 G-Sync from 24,5 inches, used by NVIDIA in a demonstration behind closed doors to show us the benefits in the game the refresh rate high. Level of fluidity, it must be said, the jump compared to the 240 is almost imperceptible until you look at the contours of the figures and the writings that remain clear and legible in different situations, both during the scrolling screen of a MOBA, is moving so fast the mouse in a first person shooter. It is, of course, of secondary benefits when compared to those derived from the step from 60Hz to 144 and 240Hz, but still relevant to one who aims to have the maximum reactivity and maximum cleanliness of the image. We will have to wait, however, to be able to have 360 frames per second with the highest possible quality. The panel used by ASUS, in fact, is a classic TN , which you can’t compete in contrast to the screens GOES and does not enjoy the liveliness and fidelity of the color of those IPS. Nevertheless, it is definitely the monitor faster than the planet and enjoys support G-Sync, which can be useful when it comes to fluidity so high as to involve oscillations important in the framerate.

Asus Rog Swift 360 G Sync

There is no lack, moreover, the classic look of the monitor from high end gaming ASUS ROG, with the base screwed to an enlightened and slim frame. All features we find of course in the ROG Swift PG43UQ, but in large we are talking about a 43-inch G-Sync 4K 144Hz that it is noted to be the first in the world equipped with technology Display Stream Compression. Exceeds the limits of the DisplayPort 1.4, allowing you to enjoy the Ultra HD refresh rate high with only one cable, which is impossible with the monitor in the circulation. Supports, among others, the HDR1000 thanks to a luminescence high which is even higher with the ASUS ROG Swift PG32UQX G-Sync Ultimate. Without a doubt, the sample group in terms of the quality of the image, the successor of the ASUS PG27UQ combines 4K at 144Hz with a diagonal of 32 inches, is more suitable to enhance a resolution of the kind of 27-inch of the first 4K at high refresh rates. But this is not to make it special. The power point is a luminance 1400 nit guaranteed by a backlight of well-1152 mini LED, which in combination with the synchronization of the image of G-Sync Ultimate, enhance the explosions, the play of light and contrasts even during scenes excited. The result looks spectacular, and at first sight devoid of visual artifacts, bright, without a doubt, superior to that of the monitor with a luxurious lighting 384-zones and 1000 nits. Full then to the large a hat-trick of the monitor, which improves the offer in three different branches, starting from gaming at high refresh to get to the quality of the image. However, to discover prices that are unlikely to be content.

Asus Rog Swift Pg32Uqx G Sync Ultimate

The first laptop 14 polligi with GeForce RTX

The news that ASUS has brought to CES 2020 under the aegis of the brand ROG also include a particular case ITX, the ASUS ROG Z11, the name of which indicates the inclination of 11 degrees to the motherboard, which should improve the dissipation and highlight the components. On the other hand, the metal chassis 1.2 mm features two bulkheads in tempered glass, as you would expect from a homes still without date, but probably going to cost you a lot, view the amenities, which also includes a controller for fan and lights. And the account will go up further in the case of the version with the OLED screen LiveDash by 1.77 inches. Instead of saving, although it is still in the case of luxury products, with the arrival of the new laptops equipped with processors Ryzen 4000 mobile, presented by AMD during the Consumer Electronic Show with a lot of variation to 8 cores and 16 threads from the high efficiency, thanks to the new architecture to 7 nanometers Zen 2. The models in question are the Zephyrus G14, and the Zephyrus G15, that are different mainly for the diagonal screen size, 14 inches for the first and 15.6 for the second, and the type of panels available in the respective configurations. Between the options of the smaller model will, in fact, a panel is 1080p 60 or 120Hz, or a panel 1440p 60Hz. For the larger model instead, the variants with Full HD will include options to 144 and 240Hz. For the rest, instead, there is talk of an offer is nearly identical with the ability to mount up to Ryzen 7 4800HS, 32GB of memory to 3200MHz, storage NVMe, PCIe, presumably, of type 4.0, and up to the GeForce RTX 2060 with design Max-Q and 6GB of memory. We are thus faced with the combination of AMD CPU and NVIDIA GPU, the thing, but definitely useful.

Asus Rog Zephyrus G14

The Radeon GPU integrated in the AMD processor helps you take advantage of the FreeSync supported by the panels, while complex something like the G-Sync but without the need of a dedicated module. The Zephyrus G14, among other things, is the first gaming laptop in the world to equip an Nvidia GeForce RTX, to be added to the list of the interesting news of this CES. Among other things, adopts a dissipation particular, with part of the air that is expelled from a lattice that is located above the keyboard, flush with the monitor. The heat produced, it must be said, is remarkable, but the air flow is voluminous, and is concentrated in a part of the laptop where the hands interact a little. The result is a small and stylish compact 1588 grams, and 17.9 millimeters thick, which allows you to carry around without too much clutter on a desk by the game remarkable. A similar discourse, however, also applies to the Zephyrus G15, a pinch larger and harder to carry, with 2087 grams of weight, but more cool, very similar in design and still compact for a device that can go up to a high level configuration. And it is here that we come to the sore point of portable gaming: the battery. ASUS has promised a powerful, capable of an autonomy of about 10 hours, but not about a certain gaming. In any case, the Zephyrus will also sell batteries that are ancillary to extend to ensure the use of mobility.