Two months away from the release date fixed, Hideo Kojima is ready to present in a more explicit way his Death Stranding in the course of the TGS 2019, and apparently it is already looking beyond, to the promotion of the next project to start already at the japanese exhibition.

In a message on Twitter, Kojima has announced that it is currently cleaning up the game in preparation of what was programmed for the TGS 2019, during which they should be two demonstrations of the gameplay to Death Stranding, but also to be already at work on what will come after, and on the next project, adding, however, “want to become a crab”.

In the japanese version of the message, Kojima explains how normally do in first person, of promotion of the games, starting from production until the latter stages of this, and the pace of work on the Death Stranding were extremely tight, so as not to give up a holiday. However, it is not clear exactly what it is that relates to the issue of the “new project”, if it is a question of what remains to be done after an appointment, but always about Death Stranding, or if you are talking about a real new game to develop after the conclusion of the latter, whose release date is November 8, 2019.