Death Stranding has been enriched with a pleasant surprise for those who want to experience the christmas festivities in the game: the hats of Santa Claus. To introduce this unique feature was the’update 1.08. So, now the protagonist Sam Porter Bridges will be able to make his deliveries wearing a beautiful red hat with pom pom white. What better game to emulate the exploits of the rugged man of the north who brings gifts to the children?

In reality, the hats were given also to the various Prepper scattered around the city. In short, the cronopioggia could not do anything against the christmas spirit, that has pervaded the desolate wastelands of Death Stranding, under the super vision of Hideo Kojima, which we imagine will have had the last word about this valuable news. Who knows in the based on what were chosen the Prepper to give their hats, since not everyone received them. Some people don’t celebrate Christmas?

Before leaving we remind you that Death Stranding is available for the PS4. In the summer of 2020 will also come on PC.