The narrative arc of Hearts has officially ended on Super Dragon Ball Heroes: the last episode of the anime aired just in the last few days in Japan, and the next one will be the beginning of a new story (always non-canonical). But the fans are not particularly pleased, and for a precise reason.

To displease the fans of Super Dragon Ball Heroes was the destiny of Hearts, the main enemy of Goku, Vegeta, Jiren and of all the Universes of the franchise. Hearts would have wanted to erase the Zeno from the created world and give a beginning to a new world order: this, obviously, was not possible, because the warriors have defeated his warriors, and then him. In order to accomplish that it was necessary to even the intervention of your Comment, but in the end the good triumphed.

For the spectators, however, it was a shame to lose Hearts after the last encounter, perhaps for ever. All hope that Toei decides to recover it, both in the arcade game in the anime series Super Dragon Ball Heroes, because the enemy still has a lot of potential. We will let you know how it will end, and if Hearts sooner or later had to return.

Dragon Ball Heroes Hearts 2