Now it has been a whole year since the launch of the movie Dragon Ball Super Broly in Japan; the anime has had amazing success, and also in the rest of the world. Also introduced new characters, such as Cheelai, that in these days he officially receives his new action figure.

Cheelai is one of the female protagonists of Dragon Ball Super Broly, alien female that has accompanied the Saiyan in his misadventures. V Jump in these hours, has unveiled the first pictures of his action figures, the official, which will be marketed presumably starting from the first few weeks of 2020; in the meantime, have been opened pre-orders, so you could buy it via import.

Cheelai and Broly are officially characters the canons of Dragon Ball Super after the recent movie Dragon Ball Super Broly; it remains to be seen if and when Toriyama and Toyotaro decide to recover it, in the future of the manga/anime that we all know so well.



— Vジャンプ編集部 (@V_Jump) November 30, 2019