While in the United States continue to inflame the protests following the omicido George Floyd, the leaders of Electronic Arts confirm their support for the movement Black Lives Matter and announce that they want to implement controls even more strict in the EA Sports games to declare war on racism.

From the page the official Twitter of EA Sports, the well-known division of the colossus videogame in the us who manages the series and sports games such as FIFA 20 explains that “we are constantly striving to maintain a culture of inclusion. The behavior of the toxic changes and evolves rapidly, and we recognize that we must do more to monitor and remove actively those individuals that perpetuate racist behaviour, xenophobic, homophobic or sexist in our games”.

In view of this, the managers of the multiplayer components of video games, EA Sports promise to intervene in a extremely swift to review the list of terms and expressions that are vulgar to include a wider range of languages, dialects and slang of the territory. As happened with Activision and the war to the racist in COD Modern Warfare, and Warzone, even the EA Sports games will implement more tools to facilitate the reporting of behaviour that is toxic, a commitment that will be accompanied by an increase in the resources available to internal teams who deal with investigating this sort of phenomena of intolerance and hate that run through the multiplayer servers of the most popular video games.

More information on the actions that will be taken in this sense, from Electronic Arts, presumably, will be shared in the course of the event EA Play Live, due to the last postponement, will be held on the 19th of June at night (Italian time).