The day eagerly awaited by many fans of Escape From Tarkov has finally arrived: from today it’s possible to update the game and enable the subtitles in Italian language.

To give the announcement are the same developers of the particular first-person shooter, which they communicated through social channels official the subtitles in Italian language are officially available and that soon the game will also welcome the translation in Turkish. As pointed out by BattleState Games, the Italian translation is perfectly usable in the game but does not exclude the possibility that there may be some localization error or that the enablement of the subtitles in our language can create some problem with the title.

To accompany this news then there is the launch of the Italian version of the official website of Escape From Tarkov, now available in seven different languages. On the site of the game is not only can make the purchase of one of the numerous editions of the game but also give a look to the wiki, which explains in detail the mechanics of the game.

In the case of the arrival of the Italian language in the game should push you to purchase, we remind you that on our pages you can find a guide with tips for starting to play to Escape From Tarkov.