Bethesda has put patch 1.31 of Fallout 76, a substantial update that should go to apply various changes and improvements to the game through a download important.

The update 1.31 Fallout 76 consists PC of 3GB of data to download and install, which bring with them new content, but also various changes to the code of the game, also with regard to the performance of the server, and the solution of known problems.

Among the drawbacks that should be placed there are various crashes related to the connection of the server and some that were done in conjunction with the use of Player Vending Machine, apparently. Another fix concerns, finally, the problem of lighting that struck the Pop-Boy at power-on or power-off of the light and a few imperfections in the visual effects of the electricity for The Invader.

The download of the patch is done automatically through the Launcher of Bethesda at the next startup of the software. You can find a changelog full of the characteristics of the patch at this address, here we highlight some of the more obvious.

Among the new contents, starting from 12 December, some Scorched will be dressed in theme with the Christmas and if you are killed give special gifts as loot, with awards presented in different levels of quality. Always with a christmas theme, you can build your own gifts to give to other players, with a lot of paper to use to embellish the package. Will also be special events starting on the 12th of December until the 26th of this month with the Holiday Scorched Events.

TheAtomic Shop has for sale various objects and christmas ornaments to use in the C. A. M. P. as the Santatron Station with the bot theme, while new challenges daily and weekly have been organized by Bethesda. Of course, they have also been introduced in music with a christmas theme, especially within the Atomic Shop.

Numerous adjustments were made between interface, organization of events, technical elements, including graphics and audio, and fix problems that are detected earlier.