Fortnite removed from the Play Store and App Store: Epic is because Google and Apple @BitFeedCo.

In spite of belonging to two universes, the different software, the Play Store and the App Store have different guidelines and rules the same, first of all the need to do all the payments for the purchases (traditional and in-app) through their payment system, so that both Apple and Google can carve out a slice of the 30%. This behavior apparently monopoly of the two you are clashing strongly with some of the everyday reality, such as Netflix, Spotify, and Fortnite.

About Fortnite, after that Epic Games has created a shortcut to allow users to make in-app purchases outside of the Play Store, and then avoid that Google perceives its 30%, the Mountain View giant has decided to remove Fortnite from the store. This decision was also taken by Apple as far as the App Store.

The motives of Google are based on the guidelines of the Play Store that state that “the products within a downloaded game on Google Play or that provide access to the contents of the game need to use the in-app billing Google Play”. The move by Epic Games instead violate this rule, which is why Google has felt the power of delete Fortnite.

On the front Apple, the company has quickly removed Fortnite from the App Store for the same problem. “Epic has enabled a feature in its app that has not been examined or approved by Apple, and has done so with the express intent of violating the guidelines of the App Store related to in-app payments that apply to any developer selling digital goods or services.

Epic Games, however, did not take it well and decided to sue Google and Apple for behaviour, anti-competitive and monopolistic in relation to their digital stores. The cause is still in its infancy but, from part of the Epic, there are already other companies that have sued Apple or Google (or both) for the same reason, as for example Spotify.


Fortnite removed from the Play Store and App Store: Epic is because Google and Apple @BitFeedCo.