The famous Tyler ‘Ninja‘ Blevins is convinced that a lot of streamer are now lined up more or less openly against Fortnite and hope in the death of the game, for a reason very precise.

According to Ninja, which has recently passed from Twitch to the Mixer causing a big stir in the gaming community, but still for the most part, always faithful to Fortnite, the title Epic Games would have attracted the enmity of many streamer not so much to intrinsic defects of the game itself, but because of the difficulties to emerge within his community, became in the meantime a highly competitive business.

The idea of Ninja is that many streamers are attacking Fortnite and simply hoping for its sunset so that it can then become popular another game where it is easier to emerge, also thanks to a level of competition that is physiologically lower at the beginning.

It would, therefore, people that take with Fortnite for his inability to emerge, in the vision of the Ninja: “I’m so good, but no one looks at me, then Fortnite sucks! Is bad!!!” Said Blevins by the alleged streamer that I have with Fortnite, “When will come out the next game so I can do the streaming and become the strongest?”

On the other hand, Ninja is convinced that instead Fortnite will never disappear, as stated by him in the course of the same stream, talking with fellow game Reverse2k.