Veteran experience on the bench of Ternana, ended in the quarter-final play-off for the hand of Bari, Fabio Gallo is waiting for an opportunity to return to coach. The season in Umbria has seen the technical guide rossoverdi an important race for the play-offs and to the final of the Italian Cup category, in a year that is a nice card for his professional career. To The Giovane Italia, he tells of his experience in neroverde, with a look on the final stage of the Champions League, which will soon see the protagonist “his” Ball.

Mister, as ever, is not continued the relationship with the notts county?
“It is a choice of society: at the end of the contract they decided to change coach. For me, however, has been an important journey of seventeen months. There was the will to win the play-off and come back in Serie B, but unfortunately we could not manage. Anyway, I think that what we have done has been positive.”

Then however are you also satisfied of the way to the play-off?
“I think we interpreted it well, we walked out without ever losing fighting until the last second against a team like Bari with the man advantage. Clear that in the match if you only have a result about three is difficult, but I am satisfied”.

Do you have any regret?
“Perhaps the fact that, if he regained the championship, we could improve a little bit our position in the standings. Difficult, however, to complain because the situation was the same for everyone. We went in the final of the Cup and not far away from the final play-off, I would say that I have no regrets for this season.”

However they were play-off very special.
“Everything was abnormal, only to start the preparation and get started right away with a game as delicate as the Cup final. It has been interesting, different, and difficult to manage. According to me you could do a few days of break in more, and, from the quarter-finals onwards, play games on the return trip, as the B-Series is still in progress. Some of the boys had to recover for physical problems and not there was the possibility of getting the pink to the full. You could stretch the thing up to the 10th of August, two weeks more would not have affected particularly the situations of the companies that were involved and that were structured to go into the bottom”.

What will be the future of the C Series?
“I think that there will be repercussions, but especially for those companies that already had problems. In theory, the budget to finish the season would have to be already there, at least in part, then I think they’re jumping the teams that already were evil, beyond of the Covid. The quarantine has simply exacerbated a problem for those companies that they needed to put money, while companies that were strong before the will even after”.

You already have some program for the next season?
“I’m on holiday at the moment, but having regard to the particular time I guess I’ll have to wait a bit. Let’s see how the situation will evolve in the next few days”.

In closing, the former inter, a comment about Atalanta projected on the Champions.
“I think sincerely the team the most beautiful in Europe, you always makes me want to watch it. As you are competing in the Champions league, I think that Atalanta will be a nasty scab for all”.