Some people are using Google Maps to search for images of their loved ones now dead. To start using the application of Google in this strange way, at least publicly, was a certain Leslie From Durango, Mexico, who has published on Twitter a video where you can see his grandfather, dead for years. The woman said that the discovery was particularly poignant, because he had not had time to greet him when he was still alive.

His tweets were followed by hundreds of responses, with many other such testimonies. In short, the Google service seems to be full of images of dead people. In truth, not only people, since some have shared their pets. The responses were so many, that even the official account of Google Maps, joined to the evidence in writing “It’s official, we have finished the gussets. Thanks for sharing all of this.” A company representative said finally to CNN that it is great to see the application being used in this way.

My grandpa passed away a few years ago. We didn’t get to say goodbye to him. Yesterday we found out google maps finally drove through his farm and as we were curious going through it, where the road ends, there is my grandpa, just sitting there.

— yajaira (@yajairalyb) January 7, 2020

Our tissue box is officially empty. Thank you for sharing this.

— Google Maps (@googlemaps) January 9, 2020