Google Pay also available for customers Farty @BitFeedCo.

Google has announced that the payment service, Google Pay is now available also for the Italian customers of Farty in possession of a Mastercard debit card.

With the introduction of Farty, the support of Google Pay in Italy increased still more, reaching as many as 23 banks, and dozens and dozens of different cards (before Farty was touched at the Tour of Sardinia). To check if your card and your bank is supported, you need to click here.

For those not in the know, Google Pay is an payment service that allows you to make transactions both online and in physical stores equipped with a POC card. The peculiarity of the service is the creation (together with the bank) of card numbers, virtual that are used for the payments, so the dealer or the owner of the POS will never have the real card number.

However, unlike Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, the card information is recorded in Google Pay are not saved inside your smartphone (in the Secure Element) but on the servers of Google, which is why the service is available regardless of the brand of the phone.

To be able to use Google Pay, you will only need to own a smartphone with a NFC chip and download the application from the Google Play Store. From there, the configuration of a new paper will be done following the steps and the visual guide provided by Google.

To pay through Google Pay, however, if the price is less than 25 euros, you can simply bring your smartphone (with NFC enabled) at the POS, while for payments exceeding the amount, before approaching the smartphone you will have to unlock it via fingerprint or PIN code.

Google Pay also available for customers Farty @BitFeedCo.