Google searches of singers, albums and songs now link to YouTube Music @BitFeedCo.

It continues the process of integration of the music streaming service YouTube Music within the ecosystem of Google services. In particular, any research on an artist, a band, an album or a particular song will return as a result a small preview and the direct link to YouTube Music.

The new feature works both from the web and mobile and is, in our view, the best way to integrate the services of the search engine and its YouTube Music.

The music streaming service is going through a very important moment of his life, with Google preparing to remove all Play Music (from September, the services will be switched off in some markets, from October, will be turned off everywhere). Unfortunately, not all of the functions of Play Music has been integrated into YouTube Music (some of which are essential are absent, others have been added with a recent update).

The idea of Google to consolidate their services is clear and we understand it. However, we believe that the company is playing with fire, especially in Europe. Google is investigated, in fact, for potential unfair competition related to its services, which would receive a special treatment within the main search engine of the internet. In other words, search for a restaurant and show a preview of Google Maps or, with the new function, search for an artist and show at the top of the search a preview of its service, might make her still more of the regulators and the competition authority.

We invite you to try out the new feature on your smartphone and on your computer, we also have to remember that YouTube Kids is finally available on the Amazon Fire Stick.


Google searches of singers, albums and songs now link to YouTube Music @BitFeedCo.