Maurizio Sarri speaks at a press conference at the end of the derby of the Mole, won 4-1. Below are the words of Serbian.

20.08 – Begins the press conference

Sin for the yellow to Kick that will skip the next race at San Siro…
“From the field and had a different feel to it, shame about how it got this label”.

A judgement on the performance?
“From the point of view of the quality of the game we are in good growth, we repeated a good match on a tactical level. We have had some more difficulty, we’re playing in the afternoon, we gave a little more space between the line of the midfielders and defenders”.

This climate may arise even in the Champions league, is a positive signal?
“I do not complain of anything. I just want to well to Italian football and I say that playing in July in the afternoon is not good. We cross this we were absolutely worried. We have kept in good contact with the ball also, the signs are encouraging, even if the peculiarity of the moment we must stay with the feet on the ground”.

Worried about facing Milan without De Ligt and Kick?
“These are situations that can access. Will be significant periods of absence but we can overcome with other strong players”.

Higuain is able to play from the beginning? A judgment on Bernardeschi?
“Bernardeschi in this moment is important in the defensive phase, he is a player of balance and it does a very good job. While in the attacking phase, there is a lot of movement without the ball. Higuain? I don’t know, the important thing is that you can play. Then we will see what we will tell the game, when will the gasoline we are going to look for other solutions”.

Two words about Buffon?
“I think that in the face of these players that have marked an era you have to do as we have done of the staff: all stood to applaud, not needed, not even many words”.

On the management of the match after the penalty kick…
“At the interval there were the players angry as we had closed the first part of the game. Fortunately after that we resumed the game in hand”.

As ever he has replaced Totti early in the second period?
“I’ve seen him quite nervous at half-time and from the time that he was cautioned not I want to risk it”.

20.18 – Ends the press conference