Fan of the show Koh-Lanta, Estelle Denis attended the grand final between Naoil and Inès June 5, 2020 on TF1. Very disappointed not to see Claude fight the ultimate duel, the companion of Raymond Domenech could not help but to question the presenter Denis Brogniart on Twitter. Disappointed to see Claude finish third in the adventure, the facilitator even encouraged Denis to change the rules of Koh-Lanta. “Question : Dear Denis Brogniart, isn’t it time to change the rule of Koh-Lanta : the 2 survivors of the posts = the 2 finalists ?” she wrote, visibly nettled.

This rule is the DNA of Koh-Lanta

Quickly, Denis Brogniart has responded to the publication of Estelle : “No dear Estelle, because if you set this rule, what is the value of winning the posts of Koh-Lanta ? And me would you have said the same thing if Claude your darling had fallen on the 1st posts ? I don’t think. I’m sure not ! This rule is the DNA of Koh-Lanta.”

Even if Ines is a very deserving…

Not totally convinced by the reply from the moderator, Estelle was then proposed another solution to Denis. “And if you give for example an advantage of a voice to the one who wins the posts ? You know how much I love Koh-Lanta, and I find that Naoil is a great winner. But it is true that even if Ines is a very deserving one, the final was a bit frustrating yesterday.” That may be fun to Inès, already heavily criticized on Twitter after the defeat of Claude.

I always have a soft spot for the losers in the final

Finally, Estelle Denis has added a few words to compliment Claude… but it’s not very flattering to her darling Raymond Domenech. “Definitely, I always have a soft spot for the losers in the final,” she wrote, referring to Claude, but also to his companion, a former coach of the France team that had lost in the final in the 2006 world Cup. For the moment, Raymond and Claude did not respond to this publication…