At home Livorno, you can see the light at the end of the long negotiation between Aldo Spinelli and Majd Yousif for change of ownership of the club. Signed pre-contracts electronically now we are waiting for the wire transfer from 500 thousand euros to close the deal. It is also confirmed by the owner of leghorn Spinelli to the Corriere dello Sport: “my two legal the professor Cat and D’angelo have made other small variants, behind indication of the legal Yousif and I can say that the conclusion of this negotiation is made. Add that to the 500 thousand euros will enter in the coffers of Livorno. To these must be added the revenues of the sales of Bogdan and Marras. – continuous Spinelli, speaking to the Sports Centre – the sports centre of Fauglia on Monday, the president of the Pisa visit it in person. Corrado proved to be interested in it to become Pisanello. It is 180 thousand square meters that I paid 600 thousand euros and where you can build 11 football fields, several buildings for the hospitality of the players. With Conrad we will find an agreement also for the good of Livorno”.