Mario Kart Tour will refresh with the arrival of the Flower Tours, the new addition of content to the racing game Nintendo free-to-play on mobile platforms, which is also shown by the trailer above.

The Flower Tour is available from this morning on the Mario Kart Tour, and introduces, in particular, the path of Daisy Hills, that is very interesting. As also visible in the new video, this is a track that winds through a rural setting, particularly the joyous and solar.

The atmosphere is, in short, the theme with the flowers and with the character of Daisy, who for the occasion becomes the protagonist of the tour, and is also presented in a new put special floral theme. In addition to the track, will be probably added more content yet to be set for the next few days.

Mario Kart Tour continues its path of evolution and expansion, after the Hammer Bro Tour in march and the inclusion of the multiplayer mode occurred in the same month, subsequent to the step of the game to version 2.0 on iOS and Android.

Read more about Mario Kart Tour, please refer to the review published last September and is still relevant, therefore, to the initial version of the game: the title mobile of Nintendo has rather convinced for some of the basics of the gameplay, but remains rather controversial policy applied to the micro-transactions, which leads to a certain imbalance in the game.

The Trick Tour is almost over. Thanks for racing! Next up in the #MarioKartTour: get ready for the rolling fields and pleasant pastures of Daisy Hills! The Flower Tour starts May 5, 11 PM PT!

— Mario Kart Tour (@mariokarttourEN) May 5, 2020