Mario & Luigi may have a future, perhaps on the Nintendo Switch, considering that Nintendo has re – registered the trademark recently, and it was not a foregone conclusion considering how successful the last chapter.

After sales disappointing Mario , the development team AlphaDream has declared bankruptcy and is in the closed state, while the series was interrupted and is finished in a limbo from which we do not know if he will be able to get out.

A signal, however, has come from Nintendo, it seems, has re-registered the trademark of the generic Mario & Luigi at the patent office in South America, demonstrating at least that theinterest in the series remained.

Of course, the registration of a trademark may not be considered as indicative of new projects actually in development, as this might be a simple move as a precautionary measure to protect the rights on the brand on the part of Nintendo, however the potential of the series is still intact, and perhaps moving it to a Nintendo Switch could give new life to Mario & Luigi, seen that the trade problems of Journey to the center of Bowser The adventures of Bowser Junior could be also linked to the fact that it be released as an exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS in a period in which the focus has now completely shifted over to Nintendo Switch.