(ANSA) – BENEVENTO 06 JUN – “The hypothesis to block the relegations from serie A in the event of a new stop of the championship puts us in alarm and raises many concerns. We would be faced with a behavior that is ethically and sportingly reprehensible towards which we will move, if this were the case, with legal action by calling to the library in a democratic sportsmen and fans. Denunceremmo in the appropriate bodies as well as sports courts on the Italian and international to both the ordinary courts and the administrative things that have neither head nor tail”. He says, in a note, the mayor of Benevento, Clemente Mastella. “We are alarmed because at the art, someone could sabotage the resumption of the competition stage that begins in June and did lock the championship, not allowing to Benevento as it is won on the field. I believe that it is right to give to Benevento, because it is not arrived for granting, but for the results and sacrifices,” adds House. “My closeness and that of the city, to the president Vigorito, coach Inzaghi and the players is without reserve, and wherever you find unfair ways that violate the principles of sporting and ethical – ends – I’ll be in the front row to mobilise myself and those who will be with me against this ignoble decision that I hope never ever to occur.” (ANSA).