On the 19th of march last, after a twenty year absence on the small screen, Michaël Youn made her comeback on M6, with the Morning Night. If his comedy show has been an audience success, the next few numbers are, nonetheless, threatened.

Michaël Youn



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It was a much-anticipated return. Twenty years after The Morning Live Michaël Youn made her comeback on M6. On the 19th of march last, he was at the controls of the Morning Night, a crazy tv program in which he was surrounded by his former acolytes : Vincent Desagnat and Benjamin Morgaine. If some of the skits have not been unanimous – or even controversy –, the show has been highly praised by the viewers. For evidence, they are likely to have attended this great comeback. “With 4.5 million viewers, this is the best audience of the year for M6 “, boasts Michaël Youn in the columns of Télé 7 jours, on Monday 6 July. “I had not done tv for twenty years, I was a bit rusty “, the nuance, all the same, the one that is currently being displayed Divorce Club. Moreover, it ensures : the next issue will be much better. “The second show will be more funny, with more spontaneity,” he promises. It has already been registered with, in particular, Bigflo and Oli, Jenifer, or even Jamel Debbouze in guests.

Why the issuance of Michaël Youn is threatened ?

“We would like to do 4 or 5 a year,” confided then Michaël Youn Tv Entertainment. A project that he has not abandoned. “I have lots of ideas for the future. It’s missing a yes M6 “, lance-t-il, as a call of the foot. But this is where the shoe pinches. If the second issue of the Morning Night that was shot had to be released, in turn once again at risk of being compromised. The companion of Isabelle Funaro believed that he was “not certain” that the M6 command other episodes of his comedy show. In question ? “All the budget constraints related to the covid-19 “, laments the principal. The coronavirus and containment that has resulted have in effect upset the tv channels, and especially their advertising revenues. During this period, viewers have noticed that the ad breaks were less numerous. This has created a real shortfall for the chains, who now must compel restrictions.