After Milan-Cagliari, last game of the season, the rossoneri have got in touch with Mino Raiola and the related Zlatan Ibrahimovic to try to renew the contract of the attacker. The sensations are positive, the player wants to stay, but he still must find the quadra on the bonus. Recall that the initial request of the Swedish was 6 million euros net per year, while the offer of the rossoneri on 4.5 – 5 million, but with a substantial number of individual bonuses and team. And after a week of contacts and phone calls, this can be the decisive one for the ad. In the meantime, Ibrahimovic is on holiday in the boat with the family and waits for a decisive call. Only when everything will be ready the striker would travel to the headquarters to sign the signature on the annual renewal.

Today, you will see at Casa Milan also Frederic Massara and David Vagnati, sports director of Turin to find the economic agreement on Ricardo Rodriguez. The outside the swiss like so much to Marco Giampaolo, but the grenade ask for a discount compared to the initial request of the rossoneri, which is 5 million euro. Then there will be a meeting with the agent of the fullback. Double date to try to close down Rodriguez at the Bull. In the dialogues there will also be a Rade Krunic, the object of the desires of the grenade, but in this case the rossoneri to sell it would like to the whole number, that is, between 8 and 9 million euro, also because they will then have to find a replacement.