The Floo Network has released a new video of Minecraft, that shows an exceptional reconstruction of Hogwartsschool of witchcraft and wizardry seen in the saga of Harry Potter. The care in making every detail of the setting is truly exceptional, including internal and external. There are also the field from Quidditch and the Chamber of Secrets, to tell how much attention there is behind this work, made with great love.

In reality, “Minecraft School of Witchcraft and Wizardry”, so you call the video also shows another, that is, a reproduction of the most iconic of the series, such as Privet Drive, the street with the house beetle) captive in a Harry potter-Diagon Alley, the street of wizards and witches in London. There are also some elements moddati to make more likely the experience. For example, have been included spells real, which can all be used in the game.

Do you think that Minecraft’s School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is in the works for years. More precisely, the project started on the 20 June 2015, while the first build is playable from two years ago.For those who were wondering, the release of the map is foreseen for the end of the month.

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