New year bike game new: Milestone does not want to lose time and is ready to churn out the third episode of the saga of the Monster Energy Supercross, a variant of the typical yankee of the races by the cross. The differences with the motocross traditional discipline which is dedicated to the series to MXGP) are due to the structure of the circuits, which are obtained primarily on the inside of stadiums or arenas, and with a greater number of bumps (you pass more than half of the time for air); all this is in favour of the show and of the audience, which sits a few tens of meters from the protagonists.
The demonstration version is that the company in milan has provided to the press has allowed us above all to familiarize yourself with the new driving model: despite the size of the download (over 10 Gb), we are led to think that the title is already nice and ready, most of the menu is off. Missing then the mode career, the real focus of the game, and the only bikes you can select are those in the premier class (450cc of displacement).

Monster Energy Supercross 3 7

The rookie depart usually from the engine lower (250cc), and they are divided in the championships of the east and west coast, who share only some of the events on the calendar. Being disabled, even the window of personalization of the avatar, there remained to choose the pilot between those who take part in the championship that started a week ago in Anaheim (a city in California), and select the path that seemed the most affordable, in this case that of Las Vegas. We have kept the standard settings (difficulty level, and physical medium), so as to compare the driving model with that of the previous title. We were curious to see how the guys of the Milestone they improved after the criticism that we had moved in the review of last year.

Model guide

The first tests were not, unfortunately, convincing. From a part it is commendable to verify that the drivers are controlled by the CPU, commit often and willingly of the errors (the yellow flags are frequent not only in the first few turns, but during the whole race), and the contacts between the bike and the player’s opponents it could always, as in the past, with the opening of the water like in the movie The Ten Commandments. On the contrary, it happens that often be the pilot’s controlled by the user to end up with his legs in the air and this leads to use a minimum of caution before embarking into the overtaking reckless. It remains, however, the management was less precise the collision of the bike with the curbs and of the severity of the marshals: it is sufficient to exit from the track for a few moments (while you are making a leap) to be penalized with the repositioning from a stationary position, and just a small contact with the barrier of rubber to fall disastrously the pilot (situations, of course, captain to the motion controlled by the IA).

Monster Energy Supercross 3 1

Also the management of the jumps we are not convinced of the whole: in particular, it seemed that some of the ramps to ensure of the impetus, exaggerated, regardless of the speed at which the addresses. The major challenge of Supercross remains, rightly, that to deal with the pace, the bumps and other obstacles that dot the paths, paying attention especially to the landings. The level of difficulty, as in the past, is rather high and need a great concentration to bring to an end the GP in the first place. A game very important is entrusted to the right analog stick, which controls the center of gravity of the rider and serves to maintain the proper “flow” (this is the technical term used to indicate the rhythm). Face a straight of whoops (bumps) with a white balance wrong means to lose several positions in a very short time. With the bikes that have time-of-braking instant, comes by itself that the cleaning in the trajectories of both the secondary and that instead of the constant coordination between the two inches is the key to bring to an end with the victory of the race.

Monster Energy Supercross 3 9

Graphics and sound

From the technical point of view nothing new under the sun: models of the bike are good, much less those of the pilots that resemble those of the FIFA of the beginning of the millennium. We are not just referring to their faces: it would be a neo forgivable, given that they are only visible during the podium, but above all the posture on the bike: there is no difference between Cooper Webb (193cm x 100kg) and Justin Barcia (175cm x 80kg), and it’s not about the aesthetics, but also in the posture in motion. The slopes are slightly more detailed than in the past; it’s a pity, however, that the passage of the wheels does not change the conformation of the surface which, although it is mostly of earth and sand, remains unchanged in the course of the event, as if the bike did not have a weight. Dust and other debris will not dirty the clothes of the pilots; in a nutshell, it seemed to us that from the graphic point of view, the improvements compared to the Supercross 2 are needed, with a HUD that it seemed even less intuitive. The soundtrack reflects the spirit and energy of the drink is the title sponsor of the championship, but it seemed a bit of an exaggeration that the same track was repeated two times in the course of a single race (with a duration of 15 minutes). Monster Energy Supercross 3 will be available for Windows PC (the version we tested), Xbox One, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch and Google Staff, starting from 4 February; those who decide to make the preorder will be honored with an outfit exclusive.

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