Nintendo Switch may receive other two games from the catalog of Wii U, as a re-release of some kind, in the course of the next few months, according to another source, which essentially reiterates the information already shown above.

This time the rumor comes from the podcast of IGN NVC, in particular, by Peer Schneider, who speaks in a convinced “port secrets from the Wii U” coming to the Nintendo Switch, in line with what had emerged in the earlier part of the note, the insider Emily Rogers, who, however, was not quantified precisely these editions.

According to IGN it is, therefore, the two games Wii U games that should be revisited on Nintendo Switch, probably with some reworking and adding as often happens in these cases. “The first is from nine out of ten for me, while the second is more of a six out of ten,” added Schneider, while remaining extremely vague, but making it clear that one of the two titles has been very well evaluated by the critics, while the second may be more controversial.

Thus, there are additional elements to set the assumptions on the new port from the Wii U for Nintendo Switch: the application of Super Mario 3D World remains particularly strong, as well as that of Pikmin 3, as far as the game “by 9”, while the other will open up many opportunities ranging from The Wonderful 101 Platinum Games Star Fox Zero.