Moon Studios has reported some technical characteristics with regard to Ori and the Blind Forest on the Nintendo Switches, including resolution, frame-rate, support for the achievements and more.

In particular, with regard to resolution and frame-rate, Ori and the Blind Forest will be 1080p and 60 frames per second, with Nintendo Switch in the Dock, while it switches to 720p and always 60 frames per second in laptop mode, excellent results that bring the team to report as are not due to compromise in the work of conversion.

It was, apparently, a great work of optimization carried out with passion by Moon Studios, whose developers have wanted to bring Ori and the Blind Forest on the Nintendo Switch with great conviction. The size of the download should still be contained, resulting in less than 4GB.

Moon Studios has also reported that Ori and the Blind Forest on the Nintendo Switch supports Xbox Live, and the unlockable achievements, even if it seems that these can not be transferred directly to Nintendo Switch, or may be again unlocked even in case you already possess in your Xbox Live account, while an appropriate interface has been developed to allow you to unlock the achievement even to those who do not have an Xbox Live account.

Ori and the Blind Forest arrives on the Nintendo Switch 27 September 2019 through the Nintendo eShop at the price of 19,99 euro. Recently, Microsoft has reported to have no plans to bring the new Ori and the Will of the Wisps in the Nintendo Switch.