The director Mario Perplexing is connected directly to the microphones of TMW Radio, intervening in the course of the transmission Stage Open, conducted by Francesco Benvenuti and Niccolò Ceccarini. His talk begins from Fiorentina-Brescia played yesterday: “to be honest, I was not expecting anything different, even if we hoped for. Football is not invented today, if you look at the results, the Florentine is back with almost all the teams that are behind: has lost at home with Lecce, he made a point with the Genoa, two points in two games for the midfielder. If we talk about reality techniques, the Florentine is a small thing. We continue to talk about the stadium, but I think that you should first of all begin to make a good team”.

Pradè deserves confirmation?
“If we see, January is a good market, but in the end we only took Duncan. The rest you never saw, see Agudelo, and Cutrone. Also Kouame I don’t know, I think his recovery will be long, we should have more information. Today I was reading the distinguished journalists who wondered how ever has not played Milenkovic, but the truth is that they have to give the answers. Asking after is the antinomy of his craft. However by this Florentine I expect only to finish the championship in this position. Maybe. However, you could not think that had changed something. We are these, because we had to play better?”.

What do you think of the Lecce-Milan?
“I have not seen, but it is the best thing that could happen to Fiorentina is a point earned. Also wanting to Sampdoria, which lost to Inter, even if the direct clashes are in favour of it. The midfield for me has been one of the worst views of play”.

He believes that Bernardeschi games better on the right?
“To me, honestly, has always seemed to me a great player. Even with Allegri, he was a wing, while Sarri has done for a long wing-half to free up spaces to Ronaldo: there has perhaps given the best, such as continuity. You know that he knows how to do a certain play, and god forbid, but should be done with a continuity very different from the one he had up to now. I’d like to see to make the goal Kick, not only cominciarli. The aspects always and a few times up”.

No marks from forty games.
“Who knows how to play is not discussed, perhaps we are in Florence we have exalted too, but I think I would go for a stronger team national-popular. I will not say a Florentine because it is back compared to its ambitions, but in a Naples or, even better, in a Rome that has a coach of more space and where you feel the people, I can see it well. I see estranged at the break, absorbs little in spite of is a intelligent guy and sensitive. It can do more, the fact that it is the heel strike for me is to see the fact thirty times, not one.”

He saw the reaction expected from Juventus?
“Yesterday, they won a great game, was very delicate. You feel it in the air, Juventus made a great deal of difficulty: I invite you to go to see the bench yesterday. After the three owners are reserves and youth. This was the Juve of yesterday, and will be for many days. The slogan of the rose immense today, he speaks rather of a list full of injured players. The league senses this and feels this difficulty, and it is on him. Having won yesterday with peace of mind, by making it seem a small thing to the Bologna, pushes back all opponents and returns the habit of Juventus winning automatic. This does not mean that it will happen, there is to see as well what will they do Inter and Lazio”.

Tomorrow there is a match between Atalanta and Lazio, among other things.
“If they are true formations, Lazio tomorrow there are three owners very important. It starts from here, even though Lazio have had more time and the Atalanta has played recently: the white-blue must win, while the Atalanta may not even make it. The result that has shifted the weight of the championship on the shoulders of the Lazio yesterday’s victory of Juventus to Bologna”.

The Torino has an awareness of the difficulties?
“More of that mentality, to me, is a problem of limits, with Rincon and Meite in the midfield you do not have the habit to be a sophist of the ball. Now they have become larger because the team is scared, and I think that lockdown, breaking six consecutive defeats, has done good to them. It seems to me that Lecce is on the move best of Turin on that type of road, even if here we are technical levels very low. We note that in the clashes, they have won all the teams from the better ranking, the small tie between them. This I believe depends on the fact that, by playing more slowly, are outside the values. In addition to the injuries, and we are already thirty”.

The Benevento is almost as in A. The next season will be the true test of Filippo Inzaghi?
“He for the category has a great team, the Benevento is the Juventus of B. A company rich, and if you go to see their sports centres do pale in comparison to all the others. Their president could safely aspire to take Naples, and Inzaghi has had the merit of managing a team regolarissima into a category of nervous. Next year will certainly be a confirmation, but according to me, has done better than many others at Milan. He has done more or less like all the others, for me is a good coach. Not as a brother, but it is on the trail”.