PlayStation Now sees the arrival in December 2019, three new games for the PS4, which will be available for streaming and downloads by up to 3 march 2020, according to the well-established setting of time for the contents of the most significant of the subscription service by Sony.

The securities in question are PlayerUnknown’s Battlegroundsof the famous battle royale PUBG Corp., Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, prequel of the shooter series developed by MachineGames, and F1 2019, the latest edition of the game guide weblog Codemasters officially licensed by the FIA.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

Landed on the PS4 exactly a year ago, after the success on PC and Xbox One, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds involving over a hundred players in action-packed battles all-against-all, where only the best can win. The selected one mode among the others, in solitary or within a quadra, we will have to jump with a parachute from a plane over a huge island and land in your chosen area, trying to take hold quickly of any weapon, ammunition, and the objects available in the surroundings. With a single life to be spent, it will be essential to be careful to move within the scenario, to get possibly a vehicle, and enrich gradually the equipment in view of the inevitable clashes that will see the winners or miserably defeated. The progressive narrowing of the map, in concert with the natural elimination of the participants, makes the pace of the action is always very strong and raises the level of tension up to the final confrontation.

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood

Prequel to the series shooter MachineGames, Wolfenstein: The Old Blood tells of the adventures of B. J. Blazkowicz during the final stages of the second world war, that in the universe of the game has been won by the nazis. The scenario is therefore less imaginative than at the later developments of the story, but equally disturbing: the protagonist must return to the Castle Wolfenstein, get in touch with an undercover agent and steal important documents that might change the course of the conflict. However, things do not go the right way and the supernatural breaks in on the scene, giving life to a threat, if possible, still more tremendous! To address it we will have to fight, taking advantage of the many arms that make up our arsenal and always remaining in motion, according to the canons of a gameplay run & gun now consolidated, but always fast-paced and engaging.

F1 2019

The latest edition of the racer weblog Codemasters, created the officially licensed FIA, F1 2019 is a concentrated form of the spectacle, reflexes and speed: an experience, visually high-impact, that try to mix in the best way, a driving pattern consistent, and the requirements of directness that have always characterized the franchise. The races and the championships become, therefore, an exciting challenge, to win and trying to make a few tenths and get that last overtake before the finish line, though accepting the consequences of a strategy that is too aggressive. Aspects that are realized in particular in the course of a long and renewed career, this year sees the presence of the Formula 2 as a competition of departure for our pilot, that will have to make a name for themselves and to make agreements more and more profitable, taking advantage of its performance on the track to make the leap of quality and to debut in the top series.