The update of Pokémon GO introduces a mechanic which is known by the coaches and more experienced is the ability to evolve certain pokémon through the exchange . In addition, Niantic has added many new pokémon of the Unova region, such as, for example, Roggenrola, Tympole, or Venipede.

Pokémon GO, after recording the best year ever, has introduced some novelty rather appreciated by the fans. The first is that some Pokèmon can be evolved without having to spend precious candy. These include Kadabra, Machoke, Graveler and Haunter.

Were also introduced new pokémon of Unova. Roggenrola, Tympole, Venipede, Dwebble, leaf thieves, Tirtouga, Archen, leaf thieves, Karrablast, Joltik, Axew, and Shelmet can be found commonly in a round.

Venipede and Dwebble in the eggs from 2Km, Roggenrola, Tympole, leaf thieves, Karrablast, Joltik, and Shelmet in those from 5Km away, while Timburr, Tirtouga, Archen, and Axew in those 10Km.

As far as the pokemon regional, Throh can be found in North America, South America, and Africa. Sawk in Europe, Asia and Australia, Maractus in the Southern United States, Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean and South America, Sigilyph in Egypt and Greece. These pokémon can also be found in eggs from 10Km you find in these places.

Finally, Basculin Form Linearossa can be found to the west of the meridian of Greenwich, while Basculin Form Lineablu to the east.