Fans of Pokémon Sword and Shield were shocked by the Pokémon missing in the game, which will be added through DLC, they continue to torment the poor Junichi Masuda of Game Freak, even on the day of his birthday, much to push him into asking publicly to be left in peace to celebrate.

Fans of the Pokémon are unable to accept the failings of Pokémon Sword and Shield, who are experiencing a real trauma, which probably do not recover ever again. For this for months are harassing Junichi Masuda, and Game Freak all to have them back. When in the Pokémon Direct of a few days ago it was announced that more than 200 monsters will be added to the game via DLC, also available for those who won’t buy the expansion pass, they exploded… and have continued to torment him with accusations of various kinds.

Showy pulled in the middle of the controversy on the day of his birthday, with the usual accusation of having done remove the Pokémon from the base game to make money with DLC, Masuda has asked to be left in peace, at least for a day: “Today is a holiday for everyone and it is my birthday, allow me to relax?”

Of course, not allow. Despite the controversy and discontent, Pokémon, Sword and Shield is selling very well, so much so that Japan has just passed the three million copies sold.