The one against in a loss to the internal against the Pordenone was the ninth card for the protests remedied by Perugia in this season of Serie B. A situation that is weighing not just on the course of the season the club’s umbro and on which he wanted to take our word for it the number one Grifo Massimiliano Santopadre. “I am very sorry for what has happened throughout this season, explains to the microphones of -. I don’t understand all this nervousness on the part of the team, and I apologize, I in the name of all your Perugia to class arbitration. I am pissed off as much as venture, and for this I decided to punish every next red due to protests by a fine of ten thousand euros valid both for the players and for the technical staff and the management”.

Situation really heavy for your team.
“What I would not like to now, is that Perugia is a victim of prejudice. The boys were wrong, but I believe that the club go, however, respected. We have become obnoxious to the race directors and I understand that, but as president I think it’s only right that I protect the club and the investments that have been made free from any errors”.

In relation to the results the one against Pordenone is the seventh defeat in the last ten days
“We’re in the wrong so right from the start of the season and I take full and total responsibility. Now we have six races in front to save pride-and category”.

Re-sent, therefore, all the talks on the future of technical and leadership.
“There is no future, the most dangerous of the next race. Only then can we think about the next season with the clear objective of correcting the mistakes of this year”.