It seems that among the projects in development on the PS5 there is also a game by Kadokawa Games, in particular with regard to the development team who worked on earlier in the series the God Wars.

This is what shows Twinfinite, who has had the opportunity to interview the president Yoshimi Yasuda of the company in japan. Therefore, it seems that Kadokawa Games, also known for the series, Demon Gaze, Metal Max, and the other, is in negotiations with Sony to bring a new game on the PS5, and still not know anything except the fact that it should be developed by the team that was involved in the God Wars previously.

Kadokawa is a company that includes divisions in different areas of entertainment and media, controlling numerous magazines and manga, so it is not excluded that they can emerge even tie-in, or links with a series of notes in other areas.

Currently, the publisher is working on Metal Max Xenon Reborn and a mysterious reboot identified as Code Zero, there is to understand if the game PS5 in question is tied to these titles or whether another project not yet announced.