Rory thorne and the destruction of the multiverse

Rory thorne is a princess, and on the day of her baptism she received thirteen gifts from the fairies. The most important and controversial is an infallible talent in recognizing the adulation and lies of those around it. As a firstborn, rory expects to inherit the throne and reign on the interplanetary consortium of thorne, but then the father is murdered, the mother gives birth to a male and rory son is sent to a distant world to conveil at marriage with his prince.

Thus, rory finds himself at the centre of an interplanetary intrigue, to be able to count only on his ingenuity and on a small team of allies. So, he knows that everything is possible (if not likely), even attempt to beat the regent and save the prince. Halfway between bottondoro and the princess leila, rory thorne is the protagonist of a new-flavoured training story, in which the right dose of small gestures of rebellion is enough for a damigella in danger to save itself, overthrow a government and even change the fate of the multiverse.

Whatever the result in your mind, rory thorne and the destruction of the multiverse is all these things, but better