July 13, 2020Circa 45 tons of jet fuel leak yesterday in the arctic Russian pipeline depressurized managed by the Norilsktransgaz, a subsidiary of the mining giant Russian Nornickel.

The news comes from the Moscow Times which cited the same Norilsktransgaz, according to which the accident happened near the town of Tukhard, Siberia, northern. The fuel would be released for 15 minutes.

the village is located close to the river, Bolshaya Kheta, a tributary of the river Yenisei, which flows into the arctic ocean.

The company has warned the government, and the local authorities have declared a state of emergency.

In may, another incident
At the end of may another incident took place in a hydroelectric power plant of the Norilsk-Taymyr Energy Company, controlled by Nornickel, near the city of Norilsk. A
fuel tank collapsed, releasing more than 21,000 tons of diesel fuel in the river Ambarnaya, always in the arctic in Russian.