Samsung explains the importance of the S Pen, the camera, and the UWB of the Galaxy Note20 Ultra @BitFeedCo.

With the presentation of the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra, the Korean giant has pushed up the bar of what is the quality of the display thanks to the technology LTPO HPO , and, even though, unfortunately, not in Europe, of performance thanks to the SoC Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+. However, in the appeal there are also many other new features that are worth further study.

In this regard, Samsung has released three promo videos that have the task to focus on as many of the features that make the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra the smartphone the final and the most complete in 2020. We are talking about the camera compartment, the S Pen (the true hallmark of the Galaxy Note series) and of support to the technology, Ultra-Wideband (UWB).

In the first video you can see how to record better video with the Pro mode Video Samsung on the Galaxy Note20 Ultra: it allows you to use the three microphones of the phone to improve the recorded sound from the front or the back of the smartphone, and also adjust the sound levels during recording.

In the second video then Samsung shows the new gestures for the S Pen to navigate on the screen, annotate documents (you can even add recorded messages voice inside of the PDF), and create notes best.

Finally, Samsung also examines the benefits of the new technology Ultra-Wideband is presented for the first time in the Galaxy Note20 Ultra (the only other smartphone that use the UWB are the Apple iPhone). For the uninitiated, this is a common standard that allows you to have a connection with other devices (Android and otherwise) with which to exchange information and data with a higher bandwidth compared to Bluetooth. The idea is more promising for this standard is the future use in combination with devices IoT for things like unlocking doors or smart cars.


Samsung explains the importance of the S Pen, the camera, and the UWB of the Galaxy Note20 Ultra @BitFeedCo.