Samsung Galaxy Buds Live are among the best earphones TWS for repairability @BitFeedCo.

In view of their nature very small, the aureolari TWS are quite difficult to repair. In fact, they are considered real and their “disposable products” for which repairability is very limited. Over the years this has been true for many models but, however, there are always exceptions, In this case, we are talking about the new Samsung Galaxy Buds Live.

The new Samsung Galaxy Buds Live are in fact one of the earphones TWS easier to repair. The colleagues from iFixit have had the opportunity to perform a teardown of the new apple, and in terms of repairability, they gave a score of 8 out of 10, where 10 represents the most easy repairability.

A high score, which in theory allows a simple repair, but that as a practical matter, however, seen the small size of the earphones and the components of their interior, it is not the easiest thing to do. Please note also that making the teardown of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live goes to invalidate the statutory warranty, we advise you to think twice before doing anything.

Below we show you the video guide published by colleagues from iFixit that shows you step by step how to do the disassembly and replacement of any components.

Remember that the new Buds Live make some important changes compared to the Galaxy Buds+, first of all, the introduction of the support the ANC for the active noise cancellation on the environment. This allows an insulation from environmental noise, better than that given by the Buds+ who use only their shape to isolate the ear canal.

Before leaving, we want to remember that along with the Galaxy Buds Live, Samsung has launched several other products.


Samsung Galaxy Buds Live are among the best earphones TWS for repairability @BitFeedCo.