Masahiro Sakurai, director of Super Smash Bros., Ultimate, has told Famitsu to be passed out while he was in the gym recently, due to fatigue and dehydration.

Busy with the development of Super Smash Bros., Ultimate, to the point where she resorted in the past to drip, Sakurai has said that the unfortunate event occurred because he is currently following a diet poor in carbohydrates, mainly based on meat, and after a warm bath was found in a state of strong dehydration.

The accidents along the way for a person who loves to keep in shape, work permitting: having regard to the limited time available, Sakurai usually trains at home on a stationary bike while playing, but this is the first time that the director refers to his own aliementazione.

Considering that August will be 50 years old, we can say that the efforts of the good Masahiro have so far been rewarded: see it in video you would not say at all that has that age.