In Serie A there is much talk of the use, and especially the application of the VAR on the cases and the potential penalty. In some cases you feel high the items that they would like to use for situations that may be questionable, in other prevails in the thinking of the people who criticize the technology and its massive use in the course of the 90′. Controversy more or less for the same part, the numbers about the use of the VAR on penalty kicks in Italy are rather indicative, both in comparison with last year, and in that with the other major european leagues.

The resounding surge in the shootout, granted after the lockdown – Some games, kind Lecce-Sampdoria or Parma-Fiorentina (6 penalties in total), affect not just the statistics. But here it is. Last year, in 760 games In Serie a, were heckled 122 penalties with an average of 0.16 per game.
This year, here is the double spike, with different numbers before and after the lockdown: before the outbreak of the pandemic, in the Serie A were played 512 games with 120 penalties assigned, 0.23 a race. On the recovery, with 88 games played, the referees have sent 32 times the players on the diskette with an average of 0.36 per game. That is more than double compared to the average of the last championship.

In Italy, the double of the rigors of the Premier – Summed (between pre-and post-lockdown, 600 games played), the penalties granted this year in Italy there are 152. In the 30 days. The only european championship to have similar numbers is the League with 136, but in Spain have already played the 34th day (for the accuracy 78 games in that Series). Watching the Premier League and the Bundesliga, however, the gap is dramatic, and therefore deserving of ratings: in Germany, at the end of the 612 games of the championship, the penalties awarded were 72. In England, after 33 days (658 games), referees have whistled a total of 77 penalty kicks.

– In 2018/2019: 122 penalties in 760 games, an average of 0.16 to race
– In 2019/2020, before the lockdown: 120 penalties in 512 games, an average of 0.23 to race
– In 2019/2020, after the lockdown: 32 penalties in 88 games, an average of 0.36 to race

– Italy, 152 after 30 days (600 games)
– Spain, 136 after 34 days (678 plays)
– England, 77 after 33 days (658 games)
– Germany, 72 after 34 days (612 matches)