We must now consider the virtual reality as a presence well-established, rooted in the gaming industry, even if its distribution is not even familiar to most users ‘ standards, but in many could be looking at 2020 as the year to embark on this new adventure, technological, and also for them, as well as for users who already have the right device, do this overview on the most interesting games planned in VR for 2020. Many barriers have been removed in the last few years and in 2019 in particular: customs clearance of virtual reality in the field of console is about Sony and its commendable commitment in the support for the PlayStation VR , which has led to excellent results, but that the technology is now well accepted is also referred to by some of the digressions the most peculiar as the accessory of Nintendo Labo that allows you to turn the Switch in a rudimentary VR visor. However, in the field of PCS and mobile devices or dedicated recorded the biggest developments of this period: the launch of the Oculus Quest has finally freed the viewer from the snares historical (figuratively, but also physically) that kept him tied to a PC high-profile to be able to operate, enabling it to become a stand-alone device and wireless but also scalable, with the ability however to connect to a machine with Oculus Link. The other big news is represented by the arrival of Valve Index, the display developed by the society of Steam, which collects the heritage of Lives and promises to represent one of the highest developments of VR technology in the field of gaming.

Half-Life: Gun

It is natural that Half-Life: Resistance is at the top of the list of VR-games the most anticipated in the year 2020, on the other hand, its appeal goes well beyond just the field of virtual reality and this could represent an important stimulus to the spread of the technology in question. It is not a case if Valve decided to keep close to the exit of the game with the launch of its Index, because it actually is difficult to think of a killer application better than a new Half-Life to push the sales of the new viewer, and not only this, considering that the title is compatible with virtually all devices VR market. It is, in short, the killer app of virtual reality and it could not be otherwise: after sixteen years we are finally able to see a new chapter of the series and, although it is not a true sequel, the fact that put in scene a new story and gameplay is completely new enough for us to wait for Half-Life: Gun not only as a game with VR, the most awaited but also as one of the games in general more interesting in arrival in the course of 2020. There is not yet a precise release date but the launch is planned for march 2020.

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners

The Walking Dead has a difficult relationship with the video games, seen that after the planetary success of the adventures Telltale has failed to establish itself convincingly into other genres with the various projects that emerged as a consequence. The subject is quite classical from provide an excuse for the action without having to break your head thinking too much, but perhaps it is the excessive classicism, in this sense, to make difficult the construction of evidence that can emerge in a clear manner in the midst of the tide of horror with zombies that invade normally the videogame market. Also The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners does not escape the clichés of this setting, but obviously has from his total immersion in the action given by the use of virtual reality, that is probably the best way to fully experience the zombie apocalypse. The characteristic elements do not stop at its basic technology, however: taking up the theme, typical of the comic series and the tv show, even in this case you have to face the terrible threat posed by the survivors, and having to make all the important choices that can affect the rest of the game. All of this within a wide open world represented by New Orleans post-apocalypse.

The Lone Echo 2

The first chapter is still one of the best games ever for the viewers, VR, therefore it is natural that the Lone Echo 2 fits in any collection of the most anticipated games for this field in output in 2020. After the cliffhanger at the end of the predecessor, on the other hand, it is almost mandatory to return in the role of the android Jack to grips with the problems of the space station orbiting around Saturn. The structure and features of the game are the ones from the first chapter: it is an adventure pulling a narrative that focuses on immersion in its particular environment and about the movement within this. The protagonist finds himself, in fact, to explore the space station in zero gravity, trying to make use of the elements of the scenario to move, and solve the riddles proposed in the various areas of the station, thanks to a simulation of the physics is particularly compelling, which further increases the feeling of physical presence within the space of the game. The team at Ready at Dawn has already proven to be able to manipulate the elements of the gameplay and the atmosphere in order to exploit to the maximum the potential offered by virtual reality and the Lone Echo 2 is presented as an evolution in each portfolio, with the output set in this case to march 2020.

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond

Electronic Arts has decided to revive the Medal of Honor brand with good intuition, remove it from the congested field of battle of the FPS classics, to place it solely in the context of virtual reality. The idea is interesting, even more if you think that to manage the operation there is Respawn Entertainment, which so far has pretty much nailed everything in which she is adept: from the first-person shooter standard in the battle royale, up to the action-adventure in third-person. Thus, there are good possibilities that Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond may be a very good game, besides the fact that the setting comes from the Second World War is getting to be rather well received by the public. In this case, we are on the French side of the war, in an attempt to stop the nazi forces in their relentless expansion. Inside we find a classic Campaign in single player, with the various missions linked together by a story told through scenes of the intermezzo, and various levels, both multiplayer mode, as befits this type of games. Ultimately, Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond is a title to keep an eye out for the return of the series for her to be a FPS classic and high-caliber but studied intermette for the VR. Output in an unidentified 2020.

Iron Man VR

What is better to wear the shoes of a super-hero? This is the simple but brilliant idea at the base of what could be a real hit for the systems in virtual reality, in particular for the PlayStation VR, which is being produced by Sony. Iron Man VR puts us literally inside of the armor of Tony Stark, facing the enemies in various levels that reproduce the situations, along with classic life super-hero, lived in this case in the first person. Such use of VR has so far been limited to small experiences, more cinematic games, but Iron Man VR promises to be a real video game, complete with level design and the different game situations to be faced in a style that closely resembles the first-person shooter, but with air movement and, of course, the use of the typical weapons and systems of the Iron Man. The fact that the protagonist that we play, in turn, is equipped with a mask reinforces the feeling of identification with the character and improves the realism of the experience. The subject lends itself perfectly to the enjoyment through the viewer in virtual reality and for this reason, the title developed by Camouflaj and Sony Interactive ends up safely inside the list of the most anticipated in this area.

Paper Beast

The name of the author, Eric Chahi, just to put us on the alert when it comes to Paper Beast, being the one who created the famous Another World, one that definitely knows how to build worlds aliens with great charisma. Paper Beast is a sort of meta-game, in-effect: sets the scene for the exploration of a world in virtual reality, created from the data that you aggregate and animate creatures formed from origami, which is exactly what happens to the player who once wore the PlayStation VR finds himself inside this strange savage world populated by beings formats apparently from paper that is folded in an extremely complex. It’s all very cryptic, fascinating and even philosophical, it would seem: the interpretation of the Paper Beast is not easy and also for this the game is very interesting, not only for its unique atmosphere. At the base of the experience, there is theexploration of an alien world, but this world hides elements that are strictly related to the nature that we know of, only that the whole is built from an agglomeration of data, and is therefore a reflection that hides other meanings behind the phenomena apparently visible with the viewer. Although it is still unclear how it will unfold, we do not see really the time to explore the strange world of Paper Beast, and interact with his creatures.


It started as a proposal on Kickstarter, the basic idea of Low-Fi has proved to be very interesting and appreciated by many users, that have decreed the success of the project came to the stage of development actual and expected output for the year 2020, even without a precise date. Low-Fi is cyberpunk in its purest state, with a futuristic setting that echoes the classic style of the science fiction in question: inside an infamous sector of the metropolis called city-block 303, our role is that of a sort of sheriff to grips with the rampant crime in the area, inhabited mainly by Low-Fi as the protagonist, or people too poor to be able to connect to the Platform, the vast virtual world in which the majority of human beings and artificial intelligences go, now his life. Forced to live in the squalor of the real world, the protagonist is still the master of his own destiny and can choose what to do within the wide open world explorable in the game. We can therefore take part in a large amount of different activities and decide whether to act as a good cop or bad cop, choosing therefore to stem the crime and attempt to give some order to the world of Low-Fi, or contribute to the chaos.


The charm of Humanity emerges clearly already looking at a trailer of this strange game for the PlayStation VR, but knowing the basic concept of the game makes everything all the more interesting. We refer in this regard to the intervention of Yugo Nakamura on the PlayStation Blog where he explains in depth the idea that led to the construction of Humanity, trying here to summarize this strange experiment in gaming that seems to have to do with sociology, physics, and biology, no less. Everything starts from the idea of Boids the algorithm to scale, which has been explained, the movement of the birds within the flocks, only that in this case is applied to the movement of masses of human beings in different situations. The idea is thus to represent the behavior of huge groups of humans struggling with various environmental configurations and unforeseen situations, as if these were observed by a to be transcendental, which tries to find logical principles and mathematical behavior of the masses of people in a way that can then be simulated and reproduced in a more or less mechanical. Explained in this way is not very clear, but just look at the video and images to understand how Humanity is a title very strange and fascinating, which is expected also in the course of 2020.