It seems that the family of De Lellis has not the slightest intention of loosening the relationship with Andrea Iannone, although now the relationship between the former champion of the Moto Gp and the influencer is finished by a piece. On the day of the 31st birthday of the athlete, in fact, among the many greetings received there are those in full view of Veronica De Lellis, sister of Giulia, on Instagram not hesitate to show his affection by posting a photo that sees the 31-year-old with your daughter in your arms. The gesture, however, was not appreciated by the fans of Iannone, who immediately took up the defence of their favorites, but the response of the 32-year-old roman is not decided to arrive.

All the best to Iannone and the release of the Veronica De Lellis

Just a “happy birthday uncle”, with this last word is well in evidence, is as it was written by Veronica De Lellis to wish a happy birthday to the one that was at one time one of the members of his family. A gesture that Andrea Iannone has enjoyed, sharing immediately the picture of him along with the little Matilde. A manifestation of harmless affection, on a particular day, that rightly should be celebrated. But, someone did not take it so well judging by the response, rather piccata, that came from the De Lellis, shortly after he published the story “offending”. Fans of the athlete, who have not digested the rupture with Giulia De Lellis, that so much suffering has resulted in this year’s Andrea Iannone, have immediately commented on this outpouring of affection. The words of the mother of Matilda, however, I get:

All this discomfort for having his best wishes to a friend? I think it is appropriate to have a regulated, I have already explained time, in due time, that our relationship with Andrea, beyond the private life of my sister will remain so! By on we go to the sea between that 15 days is over the summer.

When he wrote to Iannone shortly after the break-up with Giulia

A vent in the full rule, the demonstration of the fact that the attacks on the part of the users were not few. But Veronica De Lellis is not new to these misunderstandings, since already in the past, shortly after the end of the story between the two, she had commented on a post published by Andrea Iannone, in which he spoke of his difficulties and the ability to get up. On that occasion, that gesture was considered inappropriate, and there was a real controversy.