The Formula 1 turns 70 years old. So many, in fact, have passed since that 1st Saturday in may of 1950 in which, on the English circuit of Silverstone, “home of the motorsport” as he likes to define, was played the first Grand Prize valid for the world Championship. It was a nice Saturday in the sun, around the track were crowded with 200 thousand spectators, and watch the race there was the royal family complete, in testimony of the importance of the event. Seventy years later, however, the World has almost not played at all for the first time, because of the pandemic of the Covid-19, which has led to the cancellation of the first three and a half months of races on a calendar that would have to be the longest in history, with 22 appointments. Now, instead, we are on the threshold of the first race of the season, the GP of Austria in the program on the 5th of July at the Red Bull Ring: the other seven events are almost certain, even in the absence of the public, but there is a reasonable certainty that other events may be added to complete the World. Little matter: a seventieth birthday must still be worthily celebrated. Quattroruote and Ruoteclassiche have wanted to do with a dossier, available with the July issue of both magazines to 2,90 euro.

Courses and appeals. The Formula 1 – you know – not proceed with decades, but in cycles. We have identified six that are the backbone of the dossier. IT starts with the period 1950-’60, which begins with the dominance of the Alfa Romeo pre-war and closes with the revolution brought in the Great Prizes by John Cooper and his tiny single-seater; it continues with the years between ’61 and ’73, who see the dominance of those who were called, with some disdain, the “vintners,” the british, in reality telaisti exalted; and it goes on with the range 1974-1982, in which Maranello is back to impose his law of complete builder of the car. From’83 to ’93, on the other hand, in the scene, especially the turbocharged engines: it is the great cycle of the Tag-Porsche and then a Honda, especially the McLaren and the great samples that were Senna and Prost. The period between 1994 and 2007 is mainly that of an ace is still the holder of the first of the world titles that Michael Schumacher is capable of defeating opponents, first with Benetton, then with the magical team of the Red door to win five consecutive wreaths. From 2008 to 2019, finally, there are two technical issues to lay down the law of aerodynamics that Adrian Newey was the interpreter, the teacher, and of the power unit hybrid, so far the monopoly of the Mercedes.

Content. Each cycle, the Dossier dedicated by Quattroruote and other’s to the 70 years of the Formula 1 recounts the events most important, reminds the drivers and the actors (designers, team manager) the most important, is reminiscent of the unforgettable race and the car unbeatable (with exclusive technical drawings). To complete the file, the guide to the World of 2020, with the protagonists of the most anticipated (Leclerc and Verstappen all), the teams, the tracks and an anticipation of the new regulations, whose entry into force has been moved from 2021 to the next year because of the pandemic and its devastating effects on the budgets of the teams.

Source: Quattroruote.en – Edited by Anthon K.