Spoke at the Gamelab Conference along with Seth Schiesel of the New York Times, the greatest exponent of the division of gaming of Microsoft, Phil Spencer, has expressed his opinion on the possibility that PS5 and Xbox Series X represent the latest console physical before the advent of cloud gaming.

Linking to the strategies nextgen Microsoft and the huge investments made by the house of Redmond with Project xCloud and the ecosystem “on the cloud” Azure, Spencer explained that “I have never tried to place xCloud as a substitute for your gaming PC or your console. I mean, I like to sit in front of the TV and play with a console, and I also like to sit in front of my PC to play. But they are not always in front of these two devices, and I believe that users should be offered the opportunity to play their titles on the device you want, and in the places where you want to go”.

To emphasize further the concept, the boss of the division, Xbox of Microsoft , declares that “I do not think that is the best place to get the highest fidelity of the game is a data center of Azure or any other cloud provider, is not now and will not be for long. But this does not mean that it is not a viable option for play. We developed this technology so that you can play where you want to the titles that you prefer, but not in replacement of the physical platform where to play them today”.

Referring tothe future evolution of the Xbox Game Pass, Phil Spencer has finally stated that “we will introduce xCloud in the Game Pass, add the ability to stream on mobile games is a natural way to extend the opportunities and give a way for users to enjoy more content on drawing from the library of Xbox Game Pass. But we will talk about this in depth very soon, we will provide all the clarification on the business model that we adopt, and I think the thing will really like the people.”