Xbox Series X has not been of the technical specifications of the official, and the senior director of hardware David Prien was asked on Twitter why people want to already know them.

“Serious question, I don’t want to debate or console war: why the people want to know the technical specifications of any thing so much in advance?”, he has written Prien referring to the rumor about the Xbox Series X and PS5.

“You would change idea if these data come out only on the day of launch? Because, in my opinion are like the spoilers of a movie: I don’t want to get until I took my ticket.”

He tried to answer, among others, Tom Warren of The Verge, saying that users are curious to know these details to understand what they can expect from the games of the next generation.

Others have spoken of a matter of budget: know the power of the next console may lead to one or the other when it is impossible to buy them both.

At the end of the discussion Prien has revealed that his mood comes from the recent participation at CES 2020, when numerous people have asked him to reveal the specifications of the Xbox Series X, and, faced with a rejection, they have even insulted.

Serious question, not looking for toxicity or box wars. Why do people want to know specs of anything so far in advance? Will it change what you buy since it will be the same on the day of launch? To me it’s like movie spoilers, I don’t want to know until I buy my movie ticket.

— David “8K” Prien (@dprien) January 8, 2020

Nah I love The community, never turn away from it, here to help answer any questions I can about the industry, just hard sometimes when walking at CES and people get mad I won’t tell them specs. Literally walk away calling me an Asshole.

— David “8K” Prien (@dprien) January 8, 2020